Sonic Pours New Dirty Drinks


Sonic looks to hop on the new dirty soda trend by giving fans the option to “Make it Dirty” with its newest flavor add-in, which consists of a combination of coconut, cream and lime and can be added to any drink for an extra $1.30 (price may vary).

Sonic Dirty Drinks feature your favorite soda flavors, such as Dr Pepper or Fanta Orange, infused with the sweet flavor of coconut, cream, and lime.

The dirty soda trend, which involves adding flavor shots, cream, and fruit to carbonated drinks in order to create a rich, customized beverage experience, really started to gain traction on social media platforms back in 2021 after actress and singer Olivia Rodrigo share her favorite go-to dirty soda via an Instagram post.

Dirty Drinks are available now at participating Sonic locations nationwide.


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