Spicy Chicken Strips And French Toast Sticks Return To Jack In The Box For A Limited Time


Jack in the Box is spicing things up this summer with the return of their Spicy Chicken Strips at participating locations.

Spicy Chicken Strips feature crispy-fried, all-white meat chicken strips seasoned with Jack’s signature blend of spices for an extra kick of spicy heat. Jack in the Box suggests amping up these crunchy, spicy strips with Spicy Good Good Sauce.

Prices vary, but a 3-piece order of Spicy Chicken Strips costs around $7.18 in my area. They’re also available as part of a 2-piece Spicy Chicken Strips Snack Box that includes two chicken strips, fries, and dipping sauce for just $5.39, or as part of the brand’s new Spicy Chicken Strips Big Box, which includes eight chicken strips and three dipping sauces of your choice for $18.29.

Additionally, participating Jack in the Box locations are also welcoming back French Toast Sticks for a limited time.

French Toast Sticks feature six pieces of deep-fried strips of French toast served with a side of syrup for dipping.

Both menu items can be found now at participating Jack in the Box restaurants across the country for a limited time.


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