Subway Adds New Grand Salami Sub And New Avocado Spike Bowl To The Vault


Subway expands its digital-only menu, The Vault, with the addition of two new menu items: The Grand Salami by Derek Jeter and The Avocado Spike Bowl by Gronk.

Described as a big league sub, The Grand Salami features a combination of oven-roasted turkey, Genoa salami, and American cheese, topped with lettuce, pickles, jalapeno peppers and a splash of oil and red wine vinegar, and served on fresh-baked Hearty Multigrain.

The suggested price for the sandwich starts at $5.49 for a 6-inch sub (410 cals), $8.39 for a Footlong (810 cals), and $11.39 for a Footlong PRO.

Meanwhile, The Avocado Spike Bowl consists of lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, and green peppers piled high with shredded Monterey cheddar and a helping of smashed avocado, and finished with a drizzle of the brand’s Baja Chipotle Sauce for a smoky kick of flavor.

The new bowl comes out to about 410 calories and costs $6.49 at my local Subway.

Both items are available to purchase now for a limited time via The Vault menu on the brand’s app and website at participating locations nationwide. Prices may vary.


  1. I’ve been ordering the Grand Salami from the vault for close to 2 months now???
    It goes for 6.99 here, it’s a good sandwich, but lately they seem to be skimping on the turkey and salami


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