Subway Changes Name Of Protein Bowls To “No Bready Bowls”


Subway looks to set its low-carb options apart from the competition by renaming their popular Protein Bowls to “No Bready Bowls.”

While the previous name – Protein Bowls – was descriptive enough, the new one appears to be even more so as it emphasizes on the fact that there’s not bread whatsoever on the fan favorite menu item.

Just like the Protein Bowl, Subway’s new No Bready Bowl includes the same amount of protein, vegetables, cheese and sauce you would normally get in a Footlong, but served in a bowl and minus the bread.

If you compare them to the brand’s salads, No Bready Bowls come with twice as much protein and a bit less vegetables.

It’s also worth noting that bowl recipes and prices remain unchanged.

Low-carb No Bready Bowls are available now at participating Subway restaurants nationwide.


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