Taco Bell Introduces New $5 Taco Discovery Box


Taco Bell unveils a new Taco Tuesday promotion with the launch of the new $5 Taco Discovery Box.

Combining both value and variety, the Taco Discovery Box includes three of the brand’s most iconic tacos, such as the new Cantina Chicken Crispy Taco alongside two taco classics and a medium fountain drink for a suggested price of $5.

The special promotion features a high-profile campaign with two well-known Taco Tuesday enthusiasts, LeBron James and Jason Sudeikis. They appear in a commercial urging viewers to break the monotony of their Tuesday routines and experience something different – such as the $5 Taco Discovery Box.

You can find the $5 Taco Discovery Box at participating Taco Bell locations nationwide every Tuesday from April 23 through June 4, 2024.


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