Taco Bell Is Testing Cheesy Chicken Crispanadas Again


Taco Bell has revealed it is testing new Cheesy Chicken Crispanada on its menu again, but this time around they’re only being offered in Atlanta, GA.

Taco Bell’s Cheesy Chicken Crispanada consists of a crispy-fried pastry pocket filled with a blend of mozzarella, pepper jack and cheddar cheeses and a combination of white and dark meat shredded chicken that’s been marinated and slow-cooked in a tomato, garlic and onion seasoning.

Prices for a Cheesy Chicken Crispanada a la carte range from $3.49 to $3.99 depending on location. In addition, it can also be enjoyed as part of a Deluxe Box or combo meal.

You can find the Cheesy Chicken Crispanada at participating Taco Bell locations across the Atlanta, GA area for a limited time.


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