Taco Bell Relaunches Nostalgic Coin Drop Game In Its Mobile App


Taco Bell today revealed the relaunch of a new digital version of its nostalgic Coin Drop game in the Taco Bell app.

Back with a modern twist, Taco Bell’s fan favorite Coin Drop game is a restaurant staple of the 2000s that aims to help raise funds for the Taco Bell Foundation, which supports the next generation of leaders through grants, scholarships, and educational experiences.

Available to T-Bell Rewards members starting now, the popular fundraiser will run until August 14, 2023 and a digital “coin” will show up when fans opt to Round Up their total check to the nearest dollar in the brand’s mobile app while ordering, giving customers a chance to play the game and win one of three classic items for free.

How to play:

As a Taco Bell Rewards Member, when you opt to Round Up in the Taco Bell mobile app and check out, you’ll receive a digital “coin” and ten bonus loyalty points will be added to your Rewards account to go toward your next reward (limit 1 per day). Once you place a mobile order and “round up,” you will see an updated Coin Drop banner on the app’s homepage where you can practice or use your digital “coins” to play the Coin Drop game for real.

The objective of the game is to land your virtual “coin” on the lowest pink paddle to attempt to win a free Taco Bell item. Prizes include a choice of a Crunchy Taco, a Bean Burrito, or Cinnamon Twists, which, not coincidentally, are the same reward options as the original Coin Drop game.


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