Taco Bell Releases New Taco Bell SOS Kit For College Students That Includes New Mild And Hot Flavored Crunchy Taco Shells And Bed Sheets


With finals season in full swing, and without a Mexican fast-food restaurant within walking distance, Taco Bell at Home is coming to the rescue of college students who find themselves in distress when study session cravings hit with the launch of the new Taco Bell SOS Kit.

Delivered by Amazon right to students’ doors, each Taco Bell SOS Kit comes with a wide selection of popular Taco Bell at Home products, including new Mild and Hot Flavored Crunchy Taco Shells, Original and Fajita seasoning packets, and Mild, Hot, Fire and Diablo sauces. Available while supplies last, all students need to do is add a protein and/or veggies and enjoy the Taco Bell at Home menu from the comfort of their dorms.

In addition, and to give students the chance to enjoy their Taco Bell at Home creations from the coziness of their beds while preventing drips, spills, and crumbs from staining their bedding, the Taco Bell SOS Kit also includes a never-before-seen, exclusive spill- and stain-resistant TwinXL-sized bedsheet.

College students across the nation can purchase the new Taco Bell SOS Kits for a suggested price of $7.99 each at TacoBellSOS.com.

Students unable to score an SOS Kit can still enjoy at-home creations by trying the full lineup of Taco Bell at Home products, most of which are now available at major retailers nationwide.


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