Taco Bell Reveals New Plant-Based Cravetarian Taco


Taco Bell announced today that it will be testing a new plant-based menu item called the “Cravetarian” taco at one select location in Tustin, California, from now through April 29, 2021, or while supplies last.

The Cravetarian taco features an all-new plant-based protein made from a pea/chickpea blend, and just like the original Crunchy Taco Supreme, it also includes shredded cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce, diced tomatoes, and reduced-fat sour cream, all stuffed in a crunchy corn shell.

Taco Bell’s new meat alternative is AVA-certified vegan, which means that customers who want to try more plant-based foods can customize almost every item on the menu to be vegan

Customers can also add or swap the new, boldly seasoned plant-based protein in their favorite menu items from chalupas to burritos and everything in between.

The Cravetarian Taco comes out to about 180 calories and carries a suggested price of $2.19. It’s also worth noting that substituting the seasoned plant-based protein will be offered at no extra cost during the test period.

The new plant-based protein will be available at the Taco Bell restaurant located at 14042 Red Hill Ave., Tustin, California until April 29.

What do you think of Taco Bell’s plant-based Cravetarian Taco? Let us know down in the comments.


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