The world’s largest pizza chain has just released its biggest pizza yet.

The BIG ONE is so monstrously huge that it can’t be delivered on one of the chain’s electronic bikes.

In fact, it’s so gigantic that the company is only making two of The Big Ones per store, per day.

To get one, you must reserve online 24 hours in advance at the company’s website.

Once you have placed the order, you must pick the pizza up at one of the 670+ participating locations across Australia.

Unfortunately, the offer is only available in Australia for now. But since it’s not a limited-time promotion, we’re guessing (and hoping) the company will roll out their biggest pizza ever worldwide down the line.

The BIG ONE features 4 loaded quarters of Domino’s most popular pizza recipes:

  • Pepperoni
  • Supreme
  • BBQ Meat lovers
  • Hawaiian

These pies are huge. Each BIG ONE is about the same size as two large pizzas. So each pizza has approximately 20 serves, which makes it an ideal option for events, parties, and special occasions.

The BIG ONE contains 600 grams of mozzarella cheese and 600 grams of sauce.

Domino’s biggest pizza ever contains over 8000 calories, so don’t eat the whole thing by yourself in one sitting.

According to Domino’s Australia, they had to source new pizza pans and thicker pizza boxes so they can withstand the weight of The BIG ONE.

The biggest pizza ever is only available for pickup. Domino’s Pizza is advising customers to bring a friend to help them carry the pizza out of the store.

Despite its unbelievable size, The BIG ONE is pretty cheap. The suggested price is 50 Australian dollars, which is 35 dollars in U.S. money.


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