The Footlong Cookie Is Back At Subway


In response to overwhelming fan demand, Subway is reintroducing its iconic Footlong Cookie to restaurants nationwide, as well as online at and on the Subway App.

First introduced back in January as the star of Subway’s Sidekicks menu featuring footlong treats, the Footlong Cookie is brimming with ooey-gooey chocolate chips and served piping hot for a suggested price of $5.

The relaunch of the Footlong Cookie has brought a significant boost to morale, according to Subway. As per a recent survey conducted nationwide, the reappearance of Subway’s fan-favorite treat is lifting spirits across America, on a par with the joy of playing with adorable puppies. A remarkable 70% of participants said that indulging in a Footlong Cookie would brighten their day, closely following the 89% eagerly anticipating puppy snuggles. The younger demographic showed even greater enthusiasm towards Subway’s footlong snack revival, with 75% of millennials and 77% of Gen Z respondents believing that the return of the Footlong Cookie will make their days happier.

Subway has surpassed the five million mark in Footlong Cookie sales since introducing it to the menu alongside the Cinnabon Footlong Churro and Auntie Anne’s Footlong Pretzel. Following this success, Subway has maintained its innovative streak by introducing bottled sauces in grocery stores nationwide in March, unveiling a range of fresh signature wraps in April, and teasing exciting new developments set to delight fans even further this summer.


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