The Halal Guys Unveils New Chicken Shawarma


The Halal Guys are keeping things traditional this time and launching its new Chicken Shawarma in sandwich and platter form.

The new Chicken Shawarma Sandwich features warm pita bread filled with thinly sliced chicken marinated in an array of herbs and spices, including Greek oregano, cilantro, toasted sesame, chili, and more.

You can also get the Chicken Shawarma Platter, which features thinly sliced chicken atop a bed of Basmati rice and served with lettuce, tomato, and pita bread.

Prices may vary, but the Chicken Shawarma sandwiches start at $9.29 at my nearest Halal Guys location, while the Chicken Shawarma Platter starts at $11.29.

You can find Chicken Shawarma at all participating locations nationwide for a limited time, or while supplies last.


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