Tim Hortons New Cheddar Jalapeño And Mozzarella Spinach Bagel Breakfast Sandwiches hero
Image via Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons looks to offer more breakfast options with the introduction of the new Cheddar Jalapeño Bagel Sandwich and the new Mozzarella Spinach Bagel Sandwich.

The Cheddar Jalapeño Bagel Sandwich features a flavorful sausage patty topped with a fluffy egg omelet and melted cheese on a cheddar jalapeño bagel, grilled to perfection.

The Mozzarella Spinach Bagel Sandwich also comes with a savory sausage patty, a fluffy egg omelet, and melted cheese, but it’s served on a freshly baked mozzarella spinach bagel and is grilled to order.

Both breakfast sandwiches are available for $4.09 each, although prices may vary by location.

You can find the Cheddar Jalapeño Bagel Sandwich and the Mozzarella Spinach Bagel Sandwich at participating Tim Hortons restaurants nationwide for a limited time.

Have you tried the new breakfast sandwiches at Tim Hortons? Let us know what you think down in the comments below.


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