Wetzel’s Pretzels Adds New Choco Churro Bitz And New Frozen Horchata


Wetzel’s Pretzels puts its own unique spin on two traditional Latin treats with the launch of the perfectly portable duo of new Choco Churro Bitz and new Frozen Horchata.

New Choco Churro Bitz takes the brand’s fan favorite Cin-A-Bitz and drizzles them with a rich dulce de leche and decadent Ghirardelli chocolate sauce.

The new Frozen Horchata is a creamy, cool and refreshing beverage that features the sweet rice milk’s classic flavor sprinkled with some Wetzside innovation and topped off with a dusting of cinnamon powder.

You can find both the Frozen Horchata and the Choco Churro Bitz at participating Wetzel’s Pretzels locations systemwide for a limited time.


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