Whataburger Launches New Points-Based Rewards Program That Lets You Redeem Just About Anything On The Menu For Free


Whataburger today announced the launch of a new points-based rewards program that lets fans redeem rewards to get just about anything on the menu for free.

Now, instead of the handful of menu items that could be redeemed in the old Whataburger Rewards program, you can use your rewards points to score free food, including fan favorites like a fresh Whataburger, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and more.

With the new points-based program, you will receive 10 points for every dollar spent, which is actually more rewards per dollars spent than in the visit-based program that was previously offered by the fast-food chain.

As part of the launch, rewards and visits earned in the previous rewards program were automatically converted to points, and 500 points were added to all Whataburger rewards accounts that were currently active at the time of the switch.

In addition to the new points-based rewards program, they’re also launching a new app, which, according to Whataburger, “works just like the old one.” You can use it to skip the line, order ahead, or scan your barcode at the cashier to earn more rewards.

To redeem rewards, simply tap “Rewards” in the brand’s mobile app and select the menu items you want.

What do you think of Whataburger’s new points-based rewards program? Let us know down in the comments below!



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