Whataburger Puts Together New 10 Whataburger Box


Whataburger offers a new group meal option – perfect for tailgates, meetings, parties and book clubs – with the introduction of the new 10 Whataburger Box.

Designed to feed up to ten people, each 10 Whataburger Box includes ten Whataburgers alongside a variety of add-ons, including sliced tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, diced onions, four ounces of mustard, four ounces of mayonnaise, and four ounces of ketchup.

You can also add a side, such as onion rings or a Family Fry Box, and a drink to your meal for an additional charge.

The 10 Whataburger Box carries a suggested price of $45.99, although prices may vary by location. Additionally, they’re also offering a 10 Double Meat Whataburger Box that comes with ten Double Meat Whataburgers and add-ons for $59.99.

You can find the new online-only group ordering option at participating Whataburger locations nationwide for a limited time.


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