White Castle is running a new online only promotion where you can get 20 sliders for $10 when ordered online at participating locations.

You can also download White Castle’s mobile app to be eligible for the new promotion.

To score 20 original sliders from White Castle for 10 bucks you must go to the slider chain’s website or open the app and order from there.

White Castle’s Super Sack Attack deal allows you to add more sliders if you like. But the slider chain only lets you get them in increments of 20.

So if you order 40 original sliders it will cost you 20 bucks only, which is still an amazing deal if you ask me.

When ordering online, you can add extra toppings like egg, cheese, and bacon. And double onions, and double pickles too.

Cheese varieties include cheddar cheese, American cheese, and jalapeño cheese.

Just keep in mind that extra toppings will cost you extra money.

Also, do not forget that this is a limited-time offer, and it’s only available at select locations.


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