Wienerschnitzel Serves Up New Chili Cheese Mac ‘n Cheese And Classic Mac ‘n Cheese


Wienerschnitzel adds two new classic comfort food dishes to the menu with the debut of new Chili Cheese Mac ‘n Cheese and Classic Mac ‘n Cheese.

The new Chili Cheese Mac ‘n Cheese consists of macaroni and cheese covered with the brand’s Secret Recipe Chili Sauce and shredded cheddar cheese.

As mentioned above, there’s also a Classic Mac ‘n Cheese option, which includes all the same ingredients, but without the Secret Recipe Chili Sauce.

A regular-size Chili Mac ‘n Cheese carries a suggested price of $4.99, while the Classic Mac ‘n Cheese costs $3.99 (may vary).

Both mac and cheese dishes can be found at participating Wienerschnitzel locations chainwide for a limited time.


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