Wings Over Launches All-New Original Tender Sandwich Nationwide


Wings Over just announced that it’s taking their All-New Original Tender Sandwich nationwide starting on December 20, 2021.

The new Original Tender Sandwich features a crispy tender sauced and tossed in one of the brand’s 25 signature flavors, then topped with your choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese drizzle and served on a top-split butter-toasted bun.

Fans can order two Original Tender Sandwiches for a suggested price of $5. You can add Tender Sandwiches to any order, eat them as a snack, or order two as a complete meal option.

While the combinations and possibilities are endless, Wings Over suggests pairing their Medium Buffalo with a Blue Cheese drizzle or their Honey BBQ with a Ranch drizzle.

The Original Tender Sandwich will be available at all Wings Over locations across the country beginning Monday, December 20, 2021.


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