Yoshinoya Debuts New Tokyo Fried Chicken


Yoshinoya offers its own take on an authentic Japanese dish, Chicken Kaarge, for the launch of new Tokyo Fried Chicken.

For those of you not familiar with the popular Japanese dish, Chicken Kaarge differs from American and other Asian fried chicken recipes in that its batter is made of potato starch and a unique marinade.

Yoshinoya’s Tokyo Fried Chicken features tender chicken marinated in sweet soy and a special spice blend for several days to create a one-of-a-kind umami flavor, then hand-breaded and freshly fried and served with your choice of Hanabi Hot Mayo or Sweet & Spicy sauce.

The cooking method results in a light crisp, juicy chicken that can be enjoyed in a traditional Yoshinoya Bowl and also as a snack-sized 4-piece portion.

As part of the launch, Yoshinoya is offering their new Tokyo Fried Chicken at a suggested price of $3 for a 4-piece snack when you purchase any one of the brand’s bowls now through November 2023. You can also get it as part of a fresh bowl that includes your choice of rice or udon noodles, plus protein and veggies. Yoshinoya bowls come in regular, large, Combo and Combo XL sizes.

Tokyo Fried Chicken is available at participating Yoshinoya restaurants for a limited time.


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