Zaxby’s Puts Together New Signature Club Sandwich


Zaxby’s expands its lineup of award-winning sandwiches with the introduction of the new Signature Club Sandwich at participating locations.

The new Signature Club Sandwich features a signature double hand-breaded, extra crispy fillet layered with crunchy pickles, two slices of bacon, American cheese, and your choice of Zax sauce or Spicy Zax sauce, all sandwiched between a toasted split-top bun.

Both the Signature Club Sandwich and the Spicy Signature Club Sandwich are available on their own for $6.69 each, or as part of a meal that also includes crinkle fries and a small drink for $8.69 (prices may vary with location).

According to a press release, the new sandwich will replace the Zaxby’s Club that’s currently on the menu.

In addition to the Signature Club Sandwich, participating Zaxby’s are also offering the newly introduced Fruity Fizzy Punch for a limited time.

The custom limited time drink features a mix of Minute Maid Fruit Punch and Sprite that’s fresh and bubbly with a hint of lime.

The Fruity Fizzy Punch is also available in a lite version and carries a suggested starting price of just $1.99. (may vary).


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