Big Boy Restaurants Debut New Mascot And New Dolly Chicken Sandwich


Big Boy Restaurants just announced the launch of a brand new chicken sandwich, and to celebrate the new addition, the chain is replacing its iconic Big Boy mascot with a character named Dolly, who was featured as Big Boy’s friend in the Big Boy comic book series since back in the 1950s.

The Dolly Chicken Sandwich comes with a 5-oz hand-breaded fried chicken breast, pickles, and the chain’s Signature Big Boy tartar sauce, served on a grilled brioche bun.

While prices may vary location, my local Big Boy Restaurant charges $6.99 for the new chicken sandwich.

Jon Maurer, Vice President of Marketing at Big Boy says, they’ve created a “big, craveable sandwich” and brought back a popular icon from the past because they want to “celebrate big with their guests.”

Big Boy’s new Dolly Chicken Sandwich is available now at participating restaurants nationwide.

Have you tried the new chicken sandwich at Big Boy Restaurants? Let us know the comments below.



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