Bruegger’s Unleashes New Western Brisket Sandwich And New Smokehouse Brisket Egg Sandwich


Bruegger’s bolsters their sandwich selection with the debut of the new Western Brisket Sandwich and the new Smokehouse Brisket Egg Sandwich at participating locations.

The Western Brisket Sandwich comes with smoked brisket and a mix of fresh green and red pepper rings, and red onion with chipotle mayo sauce served on a gourmet Five-Cheese bagel.

Meanwhile, the Smokehouse Brisket Egg Sandwich consists of a fresh-cracked egg and smokey brisket topped with cheddar cheese, and jalapeno cream cheese served on a plain bagel.

Both the Western Brisket Sandwich and the Smokehouse Brisket Egg Sandwich are available now at participating Bruegger’s Bagels locations nationwide for a limited time.


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