Bruegger's new Hot Pastrami Bagel Sandwich
Image via Bruegger's

Bruegger’s welcomes the Fall with the introduction of two new sandwiches as well as the return of pumpkin spice at participating locations nationwide beginning Thursday, August 29, 2019. Additionally, the chain is also bringing back the Farmhouse Egg Breakfast Sandwich for a limited time.

The new menu items include a Hot Pastrami Bagel Sandwich and a Hot Tuna Bagel Sandwich.

The Hot Pastrami comes with pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, pickles, red onion, and spicy brown mustard served hot on an Everything Bagel.

Bruegger’s new Hot Tuna features albacore tuna topped with melted Swiss cheese, red onion, Garden Veggie cream cheese, mayo, tomato, and honey mustard, all sandwiched between ciabatta bread.

The Farmhouse Egg Sandwich comes with two cracked eggs, cheddar cheese, ham, peppered bacon, and Country Pepper cream cheese served on a Cheesy Hash Brown Bagel.

As previously mentioned, Bruegger’s is also bringing back Pumpkin Spice as part of this year’s fall menu. The 2019 pumpkin spice lineup includes the chain’s famous Pumpkin Bagel, which is a New York-style kettle-boiled and stone hearth-baked bagel made with simple ingredients; Pumpkin Cream Cheese, made with pumpkin puree for a creamy and delicious spread; and Pumpkin Spice Coffee, which features the taste of nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and allspice.

Have you tried the Pumpkin Bagel or the Pumpkin Spice Coffee at Bruegger’s? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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