Buffalo Wild Wings Introduces New Blazin’ Knockout Sauce


Buffalo Wild Wings turns up the spice level of its popular Blazin’ Challenge to the max with the debut of a new flavor for spicy food lovers to try if they think they can handle it: new Blazin’ Knockout.

Touted as the hottest sauce on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu, Blazin’ Knockout is crafted with a combination of nine of the hottest peppers, including Ghost Habanero, Devil’s Breath, Carolina Reaper, Cayenne, Chile de Arbol, and Red and Green Jalapenos. All Blazin’ Challenge participants will get a custom headband and a free scoop of ice cream to cool down their taste buds at the end.

Spice seekers and B-Dubs fans alike can put their taste buds to the test by taking on the Blazin’ Challenge, where they’ll need to finish 10 Blazin’ Knockout wings in five minutes or fewer with no napkins or water.

Blazin’ Rewards members who are able to complete the challenge at their local sports bar will have the honor of having their name added to the Blazin’ Wall of Fame and will also receive 1,000 Blazin’ Rewards points in their account to be used on future trips to Buffalo Wild Wings.

For those who aren’t up to the challenge, but still want to try the hottest sauce on the Buffalo Wild Wings menu at their own pace, Blazin’ Knockout is now a permanent member of Buffalo Wild Wings’ collection of 26 flavorful sauces and seasonings.


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