Burger King Funnel Cake Fries Return


Funnel Cake Fries are back on the Burger King Menu for a limited-time at participating locations.

The Miami-based hamburger chain describes their latest menu item the following way:

“hot, crispy, funnel cake goodness, fried sweet to crispy perfection and topped off with powdered sugar.”

Funnel Cake Fries are popular at carnivals, state and county fairs, and sporting events. But now they’re becoming a popular menu item at fast-food restaurants too.

Checkers and Rally’s has them, Dunkin Donuts had them, and McDonald’s will soon release its own version of the classic favorite on February 2019.

Burger King’s Funnel Cake Fries are available at a suggested price of $1.99 for nine pieces. But prices may vary by location.

First introduced in 2009 as a limited-time offering, Funnel Cake Fries are back on the menu 10 years later thanks to Burger King fans who took to social media requesting the return of this classic favorite.

If the new Funnel Cake Fries have the same nutritional value Funnel Cake Sticks had 10 years ago, then they’ll contain about 300 calories and 49 grams of carbs per carton.

Burger King also brought back its popular Cini Minis last year for a limited time after fans set up a Change.org petition.


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