Burger King Launches New $11.99 Snack Box Featuring New Fiery Nuggets As A Digital-Exclusive Deal


Burger King launches the new $11.99 Snack Box, featuring their brand-new Fiery Nuggets, as a digital-exclusive deal that can only be ordered on the BK app and online at bk.com.

Available for a limited time only at participating locations nationwide, the $11.99 Snack Box includes an 8-piece order of Fiery Nuggets, an 8-piece order of regular Chicken Nuggets, a 9-piece order of Chicken Fries, a large order of fries, and a large order of onion rings for $11.99.

Burger King’s new Fiery Nuggets are made with bite-sized white meat chicken coated in a spicy glaze that packs heat from Bird’s Eye Chili, cayenne peppers, and black pepper.

The special deal is available for pick-up only and is not available in Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico, among others.

If you’re looking to try just the Fiery Nuggets, you can get an 8-piece order for a suggested price of $2.39 (may vary).


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