Burger King Launches New Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries Nationwide And Welcomes Back Ghost Pepper Whopper


Burger King is celebrating Halloween 2023 with the nationwide roll-out of its all-new Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries and the return of the Ghost Pepper Whopper beginning October 13.

Burger King recently invited fans to decide between the launch of the new Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries or the return of its popular Ghost Pepper Whopper via app voting. While the fast-food restaurant chain was supposed to announce the winner at a later date, it seems BK changed its mind and just went ahead and launched both menu items in honor of the spooky season.

The new Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries consist of premium meat chicken pieces covered in a crispy-fried breading that’s seasoned with a fiery blend of ghost pepper spices and herbs.

Meanwhile, the returning Ghost Pepper Whopper comes with a quarter-pound flame-grilled beef patty, crispy jalapenos, bacon, spicy queso, and ghost pepper cheese, all sandwiched between a toasted orange and black sesame seed bun.

You can find the Ghost Pepper lineup at participating Burger King locations nationwide for a limited time starting October 13, 2023.


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