Burger King Welcomes Back $1.49 Chicken Nuggets Deal


Burger King just announced that the burger chain is bringing back one of their most popular deals: the $1.49 Chicken Nuggets deal.

That’s right — for a limited time only, Burger King is running a promotion where you can get your choice of 10 classic Chicken Nuggets or 10 Spicy Chicken Nuggets for under a buck and a half.

Burger King’s regular Chicken Nuggets are made white meat chicken coated in a home-style seasoned breading, while their Spicy Chicken Nuggets feature white meat chicken that’s covered in a spicy home-style breading before being deep-fried.

The bite-sized nuggets are tender and juicy on the inside and golden and crunchy on the outside which makes them perfect for dipping into any of the chain’s dipping sauces including BBQ, Ranch, Buffalo, and more.

You can find the $1.49 Chicken Nuggets deal at participating Burger King restaurants nationwide for a limited time.


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