IHOP Introduces New ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ Themed Menu


IHOP today announced that its International Bank of Pancakes is teaming up with Wizards of the Coast to offer exclusive digital content in Magic: The Gathering Arena and also launch a new Magic-inspired menu that features five specially themed pancakes starting October 27, 2023.

Here’s a complete look at IHOP’s new Magic-themed menu:

  • Ajani’s Purr-fect Pancakes: Five classic original buttermilk pancakes to keep the Multiverse at peace.
  • Jace’s Illusion-Berry Pancakes: Four double blueberry pancakes specially conjured for magic lovers.
  • Liliana’s Chocolate Corruption Pancakes: Four chocolate pancakes filled with chocolate chips and drizzled with chocolate syrup – hard to resist for mere mortals.
  • Chandra’s Pyroblast Pancakes: Four banana-filled pancakes topped with fiery red strawberries, more bananas and strawberry syrup. Eat with haste.
  • Vivien’s Heroic Protein Pancakes: Four protein-packed pancakes made with a combination of rolled oats, whole grain, rye, barley, flax, and chia, plus 37 grams of protein, all topped with whipped real butter. These pancakes are in tune with nature and in tune with your stomach.

Additionally, starting today through November 5, 2023, IHOP rewards program members can redeem their PanCoins for codes that are good for 2,000 XP.

The Magic: The Gathering themed menu can be found at participating IHOP locations nationwide for a limited time.


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