International Papa John’s Locations Debut New Space-Flavored Chorizo Pizza, Papadia And Rolls


Papa John’s looks to take your taste buds on a journey out of this world with the debut of its new space-flavored chorizo range at participating locations across China, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Poland, Germany and in selected LATAM markets this fall.

Inspired by chorizo’s space travel with Spanish astronaut Pedro Duque back in 1998, the new space flavored range combines the sausage’s spicy flavors with the chain’s signature pizzas, Papadia, and rolls.

Headlining the lineup is the new Chorizo Pizza, which features the brand’s fresh dough topped with pizza sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes, real mozzarella cheese, and savory chorizo slices. Fans can also add chorizo as an upgrade to any pizza for an additional charge, or try the new Chorizo Papadia and Chorizo Rolls to mix things up a bit.

According to world-leading “spaceologist” Dr. Chris Welch, chorizo and space share striking similarities between their tastes, textures, and appearance. For example, aside from looking like a chorizo topped pizza, Jupiter’s extremely hot temperature creates epic solar cyclones – like the Great Red Spot – that look exactly like a slice of chorizo. Furthermore, there’s evidence that the same carbon compounds that are produced during the drying process of paprika, which is used to give chorizo its signature red hue, may be found in space, thus explaining why some astronauts have often reported the smell grilled meats following a spacewalk.

In addition to launching the world’s first-space-inspired pizza, Papa John’s has also teamed up with Chelsie Lane cosmetics to create a limited edition Chorizo Style Lipstick.

The Chorizo Style Lipstick was designed to resemble sausage’s marbled texture and is infused with an authentic chorizo style scent. It’s available to buy now internationally through Chelsie Lane’s website at

What are your thoughts? Do you like the idea of a space-flavored chorizo pizza? Would you like to see their new chorizo range offered in the US? Tell us what you think down in the comments.


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