Jack In The Box Adds New Nacho Tiny Tacos And Bacon Loaded Nacho Tiny Tacos


Jack in the Box adds a couple of new Tiny Taco options to the menu with the launch of new Nacho Tiny Tacos and new Bacon Loaded Nacho Tiny Tacos.

Nacho Tiny Tacos feature Jack in the Box’s signature Tiny Tacos dusted with nacho cheese seasoning and served with a cup of creamy ranch sauce for dipping.

Prices may vary, but my nearest Jack in the Box is offering 15-piece orders of its new Nacho Tiny Tacos for just $3.50.

Meanwhile, the new Bacon Loaded Nacho Tiny Tacos feature 15 Nacho Tiny Tacos loaded with cheddar cheese sauce, bacon crumbles, ranch, and Spicy Good Good sauce for a suggested price of $4.50.

YouTube reviewer Rodrick Eats spotted the new Tiny Tacos at his local Jack in the Box in Phoenix, AZ.

You can check out Rodrick’s full review of Jack’s new Nacho Tiny Tacos below:

YouTube video


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