Jack In The Box is Adding Spicy Chicken Strips, Chicken Breakfast Jack And Triple Bonus Jack to Its Menu


The Bonus Jack is rumored to be returning to Jack In The Box on April 22, 2019, according to a Reddit user who claims to be an employee at the fast-food chain.

Jack In The Box is also adding three new menu items for a limited this summer: Spicy Chicken Strips, Triple Bonus Jack, and Chicken Breakfast Jack.

The Chicken Breakfast Jack will be available as part of a 2 for $3 deal where guests can get two breakfast Jacks for just 3 bucks, and they can also choose between a chicken or a sausage patty.

Spicy Chicken Strips feature 100 percent all-white meat coated in a crispy Panko and cracker-crumb breading seasoned with the chain’s new signature blend of spices. The Spicy Chicken Strips will be available as part of a combo meal at a suggested price of $4.99. This LTO includes three spicy chicken strips, small fries, and a small beverage.

The Spicy Chicken Strips are also available a la carte in 2-, 3-, and 5-piece order options.

The Triple Bonus Jack is just like the previous Bonus Jack, but this one has less bread and more meat and cheese. The Triple Bonus Jack will also be available as part of a combo meal for a suggested price of $4.99, which includes small curly fries and a small drink.

Jack In The Box Spicy Chicken Strips (3 PC) Nutrition Facts

  • 450 calories
  • 180 calories from fat
  • 20 grams of fat
  • 1970 milligrams of sodium
  • 39 grams of carbs
  • 2 grams of sugar
  • 30 grams of protein

Jack In The Box Triple Bonus Jack Nutrition Facts

  • 700 calories
  • 420 calories from fat
  • 47 grams of fat
  • 1250 milligrams of sodium
  • 34 grams of carbs
  • 7 grams of sugar
  • 37 grams of protein

Jack In The Box’s three new menu items will debut at participating locations nationwide on Monday, April 22, 2019. They’ll only be available for a limited time.


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