Jack In The Box Testing New Birria Tiny Tacos In Select Markets


Jack in the Box looks to double down on its new Birria menu offerings with a test of new Birria Tiny Tacos at select locations across Reno, Nevada and the Monterey and Salinas, California areas.

Birria Tiny Tacos are currently being offered in two varieties, including Classic and Sauced & Loaded.

The Classic Birria Tiny Tacos consist of crunchy, bite-size birria Tiny Tacos served with a side of Birria-style sauce on the side for dipping.

The Sauced & Loaded Birria Tiny Tacos also feature crunchy, bite-size birria Tiny Tacos, but come loaded with shredded cheddar, warm cheese sauce, and shredded lettuce, and served with a Birria-style dipping sauce.

Classic Birria Tiny Tacos carry a suggested price of $4, while the Sauced & Loaded version costs $5.

Jack in the Box’s Birria Tiny Tacos are available for a limited time at select test locations in Reno, NV, as well as Monterey and Salinas, CA.


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