KFC Unveils New $20 Fill Up Box Deal


KFC serves up value in one convenient and easy-to-serve box with the with the introduction of its new $20 Fill Up Box starting June 30, 2023.

The new shareable box, which is meant to be enjoyed by the whole family, includes a 12-piece order of new Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets, four pieces of crispy-fried chicken, Secret Recipe Fries, four biscuits, and your choice of dipping sauces, all for a suggested price of $20.

Previously, the 20 dollar fill up meal included your choice of 6 Boneless Chicken Breasts, 8 pieces of Original Recipe Chicken, 8 pieces of Extra Crispy Chicken or 12 Chicken Tenders, plus two large mashed potatoes, a large coleslaw salad, four biscuits, and a side of gravy for 20 bucks.

You can find the brand’s revamped $20 Fill Up deal at participating KFC locations nationwide for a limited time, while supplies last, starting Friday, June 30, 2023. Price and participation may vary. Also, keep in mind that the offer is not valid on third-party ordering websites and apps.

What do you think of KFC’s new $20 Fill Up Box? Is it a better value than the original offering? Share your thoughts down in the comments below!


  1. Like the old box much better, better choices and those nuggets are tiny, prefer mash and gravy, coleslaw to fries and sauces. Less food for more money not a great deal.

  2. Ripoff compared to the old value box. Much more food before. Businesses just keep getting more greedy for money. KFC keep your new $20 box, it’s just not worth it.

    • Not only not a deal but much less healthy. Obviously KFC is all about profits and not about keeping their customers happy. Change is rarely ever progress.

  3. No the old deal is much better. Want the mashed potatoes and coleslaw Do not like the fries and the nuggets are too small

    • Absolutely!!! Not KFC with fries and wings!! Shame on KFC!!!!!! At least pizza hut box gives you a pizza!! Chicken pieces need taters, gravy and coleslaw. If not, just chicken.

  4. Totally agree with you Beverly. Fries are the worst most unhealthy food on the planet. KFC lost my business over this change.

  5. I PREFER the Old Box Deal !!! I do NOT eat FRIES !!! Nor Nuggets !!! I like Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and COLE SLAW… please offer BOTH Boxes …Something for EVERYONE ….PLEASE

    • So true. They lost my business. I like the Cole slaw and mashed, not the fries! I agree with all of you. Just less and less for more money! Uhhg! I have been ripped off by them more than anyone and it’s too bad because I like to have it now and then.

  6. We used to get the old $20 all the time. Good deal.
    The new nuggets are small and too salty.
    Would rather have mashed potatoes than fries. (the mashed potatoes don’t cost much to include…Believe me!)
    Just not even close to a good deal.

  7. Nuggets are so smaller than what they show on TV. Manager said they just get what they send them—which is tiny, tiny.

  8. The old box was much better and had more flexibility. New box has items my family does not “ever” eat.

    Not a good buy just a packaging and reinvented marketing scam with the value going to KFC rather than their customers.

    I’m going to Pop Eyes tonight if I can find one close to me.

  9. Lol, these companies must think consumers are stupid. 4 pieces of fried chicken, 12 nuggets, fries and biscuits is nowhere near worth $20. For a family of 4, thats 1 small breast, 3 nuggets and a couple fries each. What family does that fill up?

  10. I believe the old box was a good deal! The new box with the fry’s is not as healthy. We like mashed potatoes & gravy. More whole pieces of chicken and biscuits is a better value for the customer. We also suggest including coke slaw and 4 cookies. Bowls are very good as well as pot pies. I have been a customer for over 50 years.

  11. What a waste of money. The deal was literally thrown in the box. No dividers. Guy at the window even shook the box. Wife opened the box and it was everywhere. We complained and we were told, “you got what you paid for!”
    So long KFC

  12. The OLD offer was much better deal. I can tell you that have lost me as a customer. Why would I pay the same price with half the offer?

  13. No it’s not a good deal the old box was way better than this new one I think if y’all go to this one it may lose customers I think ought to keep it at the old $20 box

  14. Another example of a fast food chain squeezing the consumer for less food. Just an ordinary sign of the times.
    The previous box was obviously much better. Good luck KFC

  15. Not worth $15 much less $24! Fries horribly unhealthy, nuggets are a cheap substitute for breasts and thighs. KFC is ripping us off with this so called “deal”. Go to Popeyes!

  16. Not a good deal at all. I used to get the old deal every Friday. I haven’t been back to KFC since they stopped having the old 20 dollar fill up deal. I will not be buying the new so called deal.

  17. My fries were old and greasy. If I do get it again I’ll demand fresh fries, this feeds 4 for us with home cooked green beans

  18. We need these companies to LISTEN to their customers, not just justify their actions in their board room. The consumer should back away until they come back with a decent meal deal!

  19. The new box is not a healthy choice. Everything is fried. KFC should offer both boxes. I want coleslaw and mashed potatoes.

  20. I have had the old box many times was very good. I saw this new one and was going to try it after all the comments NO way am I going to pay for what y’all are calling 💩

  21. Just another business pricing themselves out of business. Yet when you watch the ad on TV, they use the old size large bucket overflowing with chicken. In reality you get a bucket half the size with an only half filled with chicken because the pieces are so small. They don’t get my business.

  22. KFC went backwards with this 20 dollar offer. More selection in the old box for your money. Must have been losing and now losing business. If you make a change make it for the BETTER.

  23. Was going to get the 20 dollar fill up but after reading about it its not worth the price. Bring back the old fill up. Thanks to the comments I just saved $20.


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