Krispy Kreme’s Nicest Holiday Collection Includes New Present Doughnut And Festive Tree Doughnut


Krispy Kreme rings in the 2020 holiday season with the launch of the new Nicest Holiday Collection, featuring the new Present Doughnut and the Festive Tree Doughnut, as well as other returning seasonal favorites like the Santa Belly Doughnut.

The Nicest Holiday Collection will be available from November 27 through December 24 in a limited-edition “gift wrapped” dozen box:

Krispy Kreme’s new Present Doughnut features a Sugar Cookie Kreme filled donut, dipped in green icing and hand decorated with a ribbon and sugar piece “nice” tag.

The new Festive Tree Doughnut consists of a Red Velvet Cake Batter filled donut, dipped in cream cheese icing and hand decorated with a tree and star.

The popular Santa Belly Doughnut, on the other hand, features a Chocolate Kreme filled donut, dipped in red icing and granulated sugar, and decorated with chocolate icing and a sugar piece belt.

Additionally, Krispy Kreme says that they will “make being on the nice list twice as nice later in December.”

The chain will offer fans a special treat on Saturday, December 12, 2020, its annual “Day of the Dozens.”

And starting on December 16, the chain will be adding their delicious Gingerbread Glazed doughnuts to menus nationwide.


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