McDonald’s Brings Back Glazed Pull Apart Donut


McDonald’s expands its McCafé Bakery lineup with the return of the Glazed Pull Apart Donut at participating locations nationwide.

The McDonald’s Glazed Pull Apart Donut features a segmented glazed yeast donut that can be pulled apart into donut holes as you eat.

McDonald’s suggests pairing the returning fan favorite dessert with an Iced Coffee for a sweet breakfast in the morning or with a Caramel Frappe for a snack in the afternoon.

Prices may vary, but my nearest McDonald’s charges $1.69 for a Glazed Pull Apart Donut.

You can find the Glazed Pull Apart Donut at participating McDonald’s locations for a limited time.


  1. When I can get a “real” donut, often 2x the size of the $1.69 version McDonalds charges for 89 or 99 cents, it is/has not been my first choice when I think of having a morning donut.


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