McDonald’s Malaysia Releases New Spicy Chicken Apple Burger


McDonald’s Malaysia serves up a blend of sweet and spicy flavors with the introduction of the new Spicy Chicken Apple Burger.

The new Spicy Chicken Apple Burger consists of a crunchy, spicy chicken patty topped with real apple slices, lettuce, and black pepper mayo on a lightly toasted bun.

There’s also a Double Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices that comes with two crunchy, spicy chicken patties rather than just one, plus apple slices, lettuce, and black pepper mayo, all on a toasted bun.

In addition to the new Spicy Apple sandwich, McDonald’s Malaysia also has two new desserts: the Orange Custard Pie and the Chocolate & Pretzel Bits McFlurry.

McDonald's Malaysia new Orange Custard Pie and new Chocolate & Pretzel Bits McFlurry.
New Orange Custard Pie and New Chocolate & Pretzel Bits McFlurry

The Orange Custard Pie features a turnover-style fried pie filled with orange-flavored filling and creamy custard, while the Chocolate & Pretzel Bits McFlurry consists of vanilla soft serve with ribbons of chocolate swirls throughout and topped with crunchy pretzel pieces.

The Spicy Apple costs around $3.56 US (RM14.51), while the Double Spicy Apple goes for $4.95 US (RM20.17). Meanwhile, the new McFlurry costs around $1.07 US (RM12.99) and the Orange Custard Pie is priced at around $1.05 (RM4.25).

The new menu items are available now at participating locations across the country.


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