Moe’s Debuts New Grande Homewrecker Burrito


Moe’s expands their burrito selection with the introduction of the new Grande Homewrecker Burrito.

The new burrito is a 100 percent bigger version of the chain’s already enormous Homewrecker Burrito. According to an announcement, the burrito is big enough to feed an entire family, it’s 8-inches long and weighs two pounds. It’s just like the classic but double the size.

The Grande Homewrecker Burrito features seasoned rice, beans, shredded cheese, guac, and your choice of steak, chicken, carnitas, ground beef, or organic tofu, all wrapped up in an 8-inch flour tortilla.

The new burrito carries a suggested price of $9.99, although prices may vary depending on where you are.

You can find the Grande Homewrecker at participating Moe’s restaurants nationwide through October 6, 2020.


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