New Honey Buffalo Mother Cruncher Arrives At Checkers & Rally’s


Checkers and Rally’s offer fans a unique combination of sweet and spicy flavors with the introduction of the new Honey Buffalo Mother Cruncher Sandwich.

The Honey Buffalo Mother Cruncher features an all-white meat chicken breast that’s coated in a super crunchy breading that is topped with buffalo sauce, honey mustard, ranch, red onion, shredded iceberg lettuce, crispy onion tanglers, and melted American cheese, all served on a toasted, bakery-style bun.

The new Mother Cruncher sandwich is available a la carte for $4.99 or as part of a combo with small fries and a small fountain drink for $6.99 (may vary).

You can find the Honey Buffalo Mother Cruncher at participating Checkers and Rally’s locations nationwide for a limited time.


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