Panera Bread’s Spicy Thai Salad With Chicken Now Available With New And Improved Recipe


Panera Bread just updated its popular Spicy Thai Salad with Chicken with a new and improved recipe.

The new recipe consists of almonds, chicken raised without antibiotics, romaine, red pepper and carrot blend, fire-roasted edamame, cilantro, and Wonton strips tossed in Thai chili vinaigrette and drizzled with peanut sauce.

While prices may vary by location, my local Panera charges $9.39 for a Spicy Thai Salad with Chicken.

You can find the new Spicy Thai Salad with Chicken at participating locations nationwide.

Panera Bread Spicy Thai Salad with Chicken Nutrition Facts

  • 460 calories
  • 180 calories from fat
  • 19 grams of fat
  • 2 grams of saturated fat
  • 970 milligrams of sodium
  • 40 grams of carbs
  • 7 grams of fiber
  • 13 grams of sugar
  • 37 grams of protein

Have you tried the Spicy Thai Salad at Panera? Let us know in the comments below.


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