Pizza Hut Bakes Up New Pan Pizza

Pizza Hut's updated Original Pan Pizza
Image via Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has just announced that it’s updating its Original Pan Pizza with a new cheese blend, a more flavorful sauce, and a crispier crust.

The new update arrives after a 3-year development period which has allowed the company to accomplish the inconceivable, improve the personal pan pizza.

According to Pizza Hut, this is one of the most substantial changes made to the Original Pan Pizza since its inception almost four decades ago. Through product innovation, the company is now able to offer fans “a refined take on the pizza they know and love.”

Baked in a newly engineered pan that perfects the “crispy buttery crust,” the updated Original Pan Pizza offer enhanced flavor and it also complements the chewy center.

The new and improved Original Pan Pizza has officially rolled out nationwide. You can get it as part of the “Everyday Low-Price Deal” for just $7.99 at participating locations across the country. The $7.99 deal gets you a large 2-topping pizza when ordering online.

Have you tried Pizza Hut’s new Original Pan Pizza? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!


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