Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Sold Out, But It’s Coming Back As A Permanent Menu Addition


In the world of fast food, the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is all the rage right now. It’s so good that Atlanta-based rapper Quavo was selling the coveted menu item for $1,000 a piece before the chain sold out of its new chicken sandwich inventory.

The company took to Twitter to announce the sad news on Tuesday, revealing all Popeyes restaurants temporarily ran out of chicken sandwiches for a limited time.

Image via Popeyes

“Y’all. We love that you love The Sandwich. Unfortunately, we’re sold out (for now),” the company said. “You ate them ALL. (Legit proud of you.) They’ll be back soon. FOR. GOOD. Pinky swear,” Popeyes added.

Yes, it sold out, but it’s coming back soon, and this time it will be for good. In the meantime, Popeyes is encouraging fans to download its mobile app and turn on push notifications to find out when the chicken sandwich returns to the menu.

The soon-to-be permanent menu item, which clocks in at 690 calories, features a tender all-white meat chicken breast fillet, marinated in Louisiana seasonings, then hand battered and breaded in the chain’s all new buttermilk coating. It also includes barrel cured pickles and Classic or Spicy Mayo, served on a warm and toasted brioche bun.

The sandwich carries a suggested price of $3.99, but some folks are reselling the menu item for upward of $1,000. The crazy price increase begs the question: Why? Is it really that good? Regardless of how good it is, no one should pay over a thousand bucks for a sammy.

Have you tried Popeyes new Chicken Sandwich? Let us know what you think down in the comments.


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