Popeyes Introduces New Chicken Nuggets Nationwide


Popeyes is officially adding its new Chicken Nuggets to its menu in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico on Tuesday, July 27, 2021.

Popeyes’ new Chicken Nuggets are made with a new recipe that incorporates the quality and flavors of the chain’s famed Chicken Sandwich into bite-sized, poppable all white meat chicken pieces.

Just like the brand’s game-changing Chicken Sandwich, the new Nuggets are made with 100 percent white meat chicken breast pieces that are seasoned to perfection, then hand-battered and breaded before being deep-fried until crispy and golden.

Popeyes said in a press release that it “uses a special flour and batter system to offer the perfect crispy texture which fans have come to love and expect from their flagship fried chicken.”

The new 100% white meat Chicken Nuggets will be available in a classic flavor and can accommodate a wide range of taste preferences by pairing them with signature sauces such as Bayou Buffalo, BoldBQ, Blackened Ranch, Buttermilk Ranch, Mardi gras Mustard, and Sweet Heat.

Popeyes’ new Nuggets will be available for purchase in-store, online at Popeyes.com or through the Popeyes App, with options ranging from 4- to 36-piece orders beginning on July 27, 2021. A 48-piece option is also available exclusively on the Popeyes website and through the Popeyes App. Prices may vary.

The Fast Food Post was the first outlet to report the return of chicken nuggets back in February 5, 2021.

What do you think of the white meat chicken breast Nuggets at Popeyes? Share your thoughts down in the comments.


  1. I had them a month or two ago, after a 10 minute ride home they were still really crispy and extremely delicious. They were honestly some of the best nuggets I’ve ever had, nice thick coating, but still lots of meat.


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