Portillo’s Debuts New Plant-Based Garden Hot Dog


Portillo’s has teamed up with Greenleaf Foods, SPC, owner of leading plant-based brand Field Roast, for the launch of the brand’s first ever plant-based hot dog, the Garden Dog.

Available now, the Garden Dog features a Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog specially crafted for Portillo’s topped with classic Chicago-style hot dog toppings like mustard, relish, chopped onions, tomatoes, celery salt, kosher pickle spear, and sport peppers on a steamed poppy seed bun.

While it doesn’t taste exactly like an all-beef hot dog, the brand’s new plant-based hot dog is smoked and seasoned to perfection to deliver an authentic eating experience as well as the same great taste they’ve been perfecting since 1963.

The Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog is a pea protein-based hot dog that is double smoked using maple hardwood chips and a combination of steam and dry heat. The plant-based hot dog is packed with the same amount of protein per serving as most traditional beef hot dogs, but according to a press release, it contains less sodium and is made without nitrites or GMOs.

Portillo’s new plant-based vegan hot dog carries a suggested starting price of $3.89, but prices may vary depending on where you are.

The plant-based Garden Hot Dog is available now at participating locations nationwide in-restaurant and online at Portillos.com.


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