Subway To Serve Up Deli Heroes Onboard A Blimp As Part Of New Subway In The Sky Dining Experience


To cap off its biggest menu refresh yet, Subway will be serving up its new Deli Heroes sandwiches onboard a blimp starting September 1, 2023.

The Subway in the Sky will allow fans to experience the heights the sandwich chain has reached since it began its transformation journey back in 2021.

Subway’s blimp embodies The Beast, one of the brand’s new Deli Hero Subs introduced in July that boasts a half pound of freshly sliced meat. Beneath the nearly 180-foot-long footlong, the gondola has been transformed into a floating restaurant that accommodates up to six guests per trip.

The Subway in the Sky will stop in several cities across the US as it flies through the sky in September, including Atlanta, Kansas City, Miami and Orlando. Up to 40 fans per day will be able to enjoy a “sandwich flight” of all four Deli Hero subs on board the Subway blimp as they float 1,000 feet over the ground. You can reserve a seat on the Subway in the Sky and view detailed flight information by visiting

In addition to the sky rides, Subway is also giving fans a chance to go to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas with an online game at or by scanning a QR code in their local Subway restaurant.

You can take a daily spin on the blimp-themed slot machine to be entered in a sweepstake for a chance to win a Super Bowl trip and unlock a chance at special discounts on Deli Hero sandwiches, like $5.99 footlongs, 15% off, and more.

Footlong Flight Schedule

  • Kansas City: September 5, 6 and 7
  • Atlanta: September 13 and 14
  • Orlando: September 19 and 20
  • Miami: September 24 and 26


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