Taco Bueno Introduces New Chicken Taquitos Served With New Jalapeño Ranch From Hidden Valley


Taco Bueno serves up big flavor in small bites with the introduction of new Chicken Taquitos featuring new Jalapeño Ranch from Hidden Valley, The Original Ranch.

Taco Bueno’s new Chicken Taquito features a hand-rolled crispy tortilla filled with all white meat chicken and Pepper Jack Cheese, and served with a Jalapeño Ranch dip cup on the side for an additional kick.

Chicken Taquitos can be purchased individually for a suggested price of $2.69 each, and in packs of two and three for $4.89 and $5.99, respectively. In addition, they’re also offering a Taquito Platter that comes with three Chicken Taquitos, one dip of your choice (including new Jalapeno Ranch), rice, beans, sour cream, and guac, all for $9.99, and a Taquito Combo that includes your choice of a Chicken or Beef Taco, two Chicken Taquitos, a small drink, and one dip for $8.49.

You can also enjoy Hidden Valley’s Jalapeno Ranch a la carte for 89-cents.

Both the new Chicken Taquitos and new Jalapeno Ranch can be found at participating Taco Bueno locations for a limited time. Prices may vary.


  1. The Taco Bueno at 103rd and memorial in Tulsa. Oklahoma told me the chicken taquitos are made with flour. I have a gluten allergy so I am very disappointed that your website says that they are corn and the store says they are flour.


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