Whataburger Launches New Bacon Steakhouse Double Burger


Whataburger offers an exclusive steakhouse experience in the form of a burger with the launch of the all-new Bacon Steakhouse Double.

Whataburger’s new Bacon Steakhouse Double features two fresh, 100 percent beef patties layered with two slices of melted aged cheddar cheese and topped with smoky bacon, crispy fried onions, and tangy steak sauce on a lightly toasted bun.

Those with smaller appetites can opt for the Bacon Steakhouse Double Jr., which includes the same ingredients, but comes with a smaller beef patty served on a 4-inch bun.

The Bacon Steakhouse Double costs $9.99, while the Bacon Steakhouse Double Jr. goes for $6.99 (pricing varies with location). Both options can also be enjoyed as part of a Whatameal served with medium fries and a medium drink.

You can find the new steakhouse-inspired menu item at participating Whataburger locations nationwide for a limited time.

Bacon Steakhouse Double Nutrition Facts

  • 1215 calories
  • 78 grams of fat
  • 28 grams of saturated fat
  • 1870 milligrams of sodium
  • 63 grams of carbs
  • 22 grams of sugar
  • 64 grams of protein


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