White Castle Is Testing French Toast Sliders For A Limited Time


White Castle looks to expand its breakfast menu with a test of two new French Toast Sliders at select locations in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Available in Sausage and Bacon varieties, French Toast Sliders can be ordered a la carte for a suggested price of only $2.49 each, or in a combo meal with small Hash Brown Nibblers and a small coffee for $5.38. Additionally, you can also order the French toast slices on their own for $1.99.

With that being said, here’s a closer look at White Castle’s new French Toast Sliders:

The French Toast Slider with Sausage features a savory sausage topped with a freshly cracked egg and melty American cheese sandwiched between two slices of cinnamon swirled French Toast bread with hints of sweet vanilla.

The French Toast Slider with Bacon is made with freshly cracked scrambled egg, American cheese, and bacon, all served between two slices of cinnamon swirled bread with hints of sweet vanilla flavor.

French Toast Sliders are available at select test locations in Cincinnati, OH for a limited time through April 9, 2023.


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