Zaxby’s Launches New Under 600 Calories Zensible Zalads Lineup For Summer


Zaxby’s aims to help you maintain your beach body this summer with the introduction of its new Zensible Zalads lineup.

The fresh, made-to-order salads come in at under 600 calories each, including a choice of grilled or fried chicken and a lite vinaigrette dressing.

Zensible Zalads are available chain-wide and come in four palate-pleasing varieties, including Zensible House or Cobb Zalad with your choice of hand-breaded fried or marinated grilled chicken.

As mentioned above, these new salad options are made to order and feature fresh-cut vegetables and cheddar jack cheese on a bed of crisp, mixed greens. The Zensible Cobb Zalad adds a hard-boiled egg to make a for a satisfying, yet calorie-friendly, healthy meal. All four Zalads are served with the brand’s new lite vinaigrette dressing, which is made with a combination of red wine vinegar, onion and garlic.

Starting at $8.99, the new Zensible Zalads are available for a limited time at participating Zaxby’s locations nationwide while supplies last. Prices may vary by location.

Fans can also order the Zensible Zalads online or in the Zaxby’s app.


  1. What are the names of The 4- 600 calorie Zalads? I was in local Zaxby’s but could not find the names of them,only saw pictures so I waiting till next trip.
    Thank you, William Felton.

  2. Salads are called Zestibles and you can get it either fried or grill. Cobb salad or garden salad so those are your four choices fried or grill cobb our garden

  3. Just ordered a Zaxby snack. This chicken is the toughest chicken I’ve ever eaten. Could be a chew toy for a dog. Even the Zax sauce isn’t enough to offset this bad dinner.


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